About - Tove Koch

My name is Tove Koch, and I am a Swedish photographer and artist. I have loved expressing myself creatively for as long as I can remember. When I was a very young child, I would happily sit by myself and let my thoughts, dreams and visions flourish and intertwine, often resulting in colorful, detailed patterns and dreamy landscapes. When I became a teenager and received my first digital camera photography quickly became a favorite tool. Art [in various forms] naturally became the focus of my education, from High School level and beyond. My education provided me with a valuable base that continuously allows me to evolve, expand and shape my own unique style.

My love and fascination for nature has always been one of my biggest inspirators. As a kid I could spend hours exploring the backyard, forest, and the beach – mesmerized by the animals, critters, details, colors, patterns and shapes I saw. Today is no different, except the Pacific Northwest is my main playground.

Another area of interest is the mystical and spiritual; beyond what meets the eye, I see and feel something more – a higher force, an energy, a higher purpose – something that needs to be honored, admired, and protected. I love intertwining the physical and spiritual in my art, and the beautiful Pacific Northwest usually gives me plenty of both dimensions.   


Education in photography 
Gotlands Folkhögskola   |   2011–2012 

Education in fine arts
Domen Konstskola   |   2010–2011

Arts and crafts studies
Uddevalla Gymnasium   |   2007–2010

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